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Nettle Seed Truffles

A super easy recipe that everyone can enjoy. Vegan, energy boosting truffles.
Prep Time 10 mins
Cooling time 2 hrs
Course Snack


  • 4 tbsp Coconut Milk
  • Dried nettle seeds
  • 125 grams 70% dark chocolate (or higher %)
  • Vanilla extract (optional)


  • Chop up the chocolate into fine pieces, the finer the better as it will melt more easily
  • Add the coconut milk to a pan and bring it up to a simmer (don't boil)
  • Pour the coconut milk onto the chocolate and then cover with a lid to stop the heat escaping. Leave lid on for about 3-4 minutes
  • Stir up the milk and chocolate until all has melted and there are no chunks. If you need, pop bowl into the microwaves for 10 second increments until all melted. Don't over melt or it changes the consistency of the chocolate
  • Put, uncovered into the fridge for around 2 hours until it is a good texture for rolling
  • Once set, use a teaspoon to scoop out chocolate and then roll between your hands until it is in a nice ball shape.
  • Roll in the nettle seeds and store in cool dry place.
Keyword Chocolate, energy boost, Treat