Sea Mills COP26 Nature Trail

In Partnership with the Sea Mills and Coombe Dingle Climate Action Group.

Explore your local area, whilst connecting with and learning about the natural world around you. This trail follows along the beautiful River Trym and the surrounding suburbs of Sea Mills, and is full of amazing information about the trees and plants you will find along the way.

You can access this walking trail either on the Go Jauntly App – accessed here.

Or download the paper copy of the trail at the link below. Both include pictures and a map to follow and 26 amazing facts about the trees, rivers, plants and all things nature along the way.

Can you find all 26 points?

Please help us get to Glasgow! If you complete this walk, please email smcd.climate.action@gmail.com or message us on facebook to let us know and we can add your miles to our virtual walk from Bristol to Glasgow in honour of COP26. 

COP 26 is the 26th meeting of the world leaders who signed up to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change treaty in 1994. The future of our planet may very much depend on the decisions made at this meeting so help us raise awareness by contributing to our virtual journey to Glasgow where COP26 will be held this year.

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