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12 tasty campfire snacks (that aren’t marshmallows or smores)

Everything tastes better when cooked on a fire! Campfire cooking is such a joy, for both kids and adults. The satisfaction and smokey flavours makes eating food cooked on a fire both a novelty and super rewarding.

So, what shall we cook? The obvious is marshmallows, the campfire classic, and if you are feeling a little wild making these into smores. But there are so many more options! Now I’m not knocking marshmallows, there is a reason these are the king of the campfire snack. I simply want to inspire you to the alternatives of campfire snacks, that will help to spice up your camping trips or inspiration for fun winter activities that will get any kid excited! Fire + food is a winning combo!

So here are 12 easy campfire snacks that the kids will love (and the adults too)!

Crumpets and compot

Who doesn’t love a crumpet! Once you have tried a crumpet cooked on a fire, you’ll never go back.

Super simple and delicious.

You can add any fruit of your choosing, depending on the time of year – Blackberries, Raspberries, pears, apples or figs. Whatever fruit you have in abundance. Add to a pan on the fire with a healthy splash of water and a tablespoon (or 2) of sugar. Let it bubble away and boil off some of the excess water and then top your crispy crumpet with the sugary goodness.


This one is so much fun! This can be done in a pan, or for more popping fun create one of these popcorn cages. This is just 2 fine mesh sieves tied on a wooden handle and allows the kids to see the kernels popping.

Of course the toppings are plentiful! Butter, salt or sugar for a classic approach, or why not get creative and add cinnamon for an autumn feel or nutritional yeast (nooch!) for a cheesy flavour.

** top tip: add a little oil to the kernels to stop them sticking together. Also the kernels pop best over hot embers, this helps to stop the kernels from burning before they pop! **

Banana pancakes

Everyone loves a pancake, and this is again a super easy snack that can be prepared earlier and cooked around the campfire when camping or as a winter garden treat!

Here is a great recipe for easy vegan banana pancakes. And as toppings go, get as creative as you want.

Nettle Pesto Pasta

Foraging for ingredients is an excellent way to better connect to nature and food. Nettles are such an abundant plant, and one that children very quickly learn. A sting or 2 will help with this!

The amazement that children have when they realise they can eat nettles, without getting stung, and that they are quite tasty too is so wonderful to see. Plus, as an added bonus, nettles are super foods and have a huge number of health benefits.

For details on how to make Nettle pesto, check our my blog post here.

Find an old pan you don’t mind getting a bit sooty and boil up your pasta on the fire. No need to use the hob, if you have a fire going, get the pan on and use that heat to cook your pasta. Add your pesto and enjoy!

Cheesy flatbreads

Nice and simple. Either make or buy your flatbreads, fill with grated cheese, stick them on the fire and watch that cheese melt. You can either use a tray to cook your flatbreads or wrap them in foil and put them straight into the fire.

Chocolate cake in an orange

When I first tried this, I couldn’t believe it worked!

Use any cake or brownie recipe of your choice and add this to a hallowed out orange. As the cake cooks, the orange flavours seep into it….Yum!

Slice the top off the orange, and scope out the flesh. I then chucked this in a food processor and made a fresh orange juice with it. Waste not want not! Add your cake batter, wrap the orange in foil and push right into the embers of your burning fire. Leave for around 10/15 mins depending on the intensity of your fire.

Jam and Teacakes

This one needs little explanation. Simple and effective, and the added smokey taste is something you didn’t realise you were missing before!

Chocolate filled bananas

I think this is my all time favourite and reminds me of when I was a brownie many moons ago!

Keeping the banana in its skins slice through the skin and the banana along its whole length. Peel it open a bit with your fingers and added a few squares of chocolate in (or if youre really treating yourself, a fun-sized mars bar is incredible!). Wrap in foil and again place right into the embers of your burning fire. You’ll need a fork for this one as the incredible gooey centre is going to get a little sticky!

Nettle flatbreads

Another nettle classic!

What you need:

Flour, water, oil, salt and of course blanched nettles (blanching gets rid of the stingers).

How to make:

Add 300g of flour to a bowl with 120g of water, a healthy pinch of salt and a tablespoon of oil.

Roughly chop around 50g of nettles and add to the mixture.

Combine into a dough like texture added more water if necessary.

Knead for about 5 mins and then separate into golf ball sizes and press into shape.

Cook over an oiled tray on the fire until a golden brown colour.

Stuffed wraps

You can get creative with these and add whatever filling takes your fancy! I used leftovers from the night before, rice with a veggie meatball sauce. Add some cheese so things get a little melty and make sure your wrap both ends to stop a messy explosion!

Baked apples and cinnamon


Apple slices, with butter, sugar and cinnamon. This is one way to eat apples that triumphs the rest.

Apple crumble


Stewed apples over the fire, with a topping of pre-made crumble (or a little cheat I sometimes do is crumbled biscuits) and if you are feeling lavish top with custard for a fireside treat!


  • John Sloan


    Just been enjoying your blog on campfire recipes. I was wondering if you could find time to post short details of how you make some of the recipes. I know it’s probably obvious but a couple of step-by-step instructions would really help me- even for the apple and cinammon recipe. Keen to try some new foods with my forest school group.



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