Why I am starting this blog

Nature connection

Having a strong connection to nature is something that I had previously taken for granted. I find peace and wholeness when I am fully emerged in everything that the natural world has to offer.

In the modern western world we have become totally detached from the world around us. Our society is becoming increasingly less connected to nature, which is causing detrimental effects to ecosystems and society itself.


Rewilding is a term which is becoming more visible in mainstream media, and its definition can be viewed in a number of ways. The overarching definition states rewilding to be the restoration of something back to its natural uncultivated state. For the natural environment this is a process of conservation and restoration, allowing nature to take its natural course and returning to its previous state.

Although rewilding the environment is extremely important to me the process of rewilding humans and society is where my interest is fully sparked. Society’s lack of connection, understanding and compassion for the natural world is something that urgently needs addressing. This can occur through a process of rewilding ourselves. Benefits to the environment are an obvious side-effect to this however, at a deeper level, the effects this has on mental and physical wellbeing are overwhelming.

A holistic framework of rewilding can see a restoration of the physical natural world but also a restoration of society itself.

Making a change

Although connected to nature, I am hoping to further rewild myself and share with you my journey. I will continue to learn about and experience topics such as forest schooling, foraging, bushcraft, nature therapy and sustainable living. In doing so I hope to inspire and advise on small daily changes you can make in your life, so you can begin the process of rewilding and together we can transition into a healthier, happier and more sustainable future.

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