The University of Bristol is leading an initiative to make cutting-edge robotics, drones and testing spaces available for nuclear research. 

In October 2021, a group of scientists from the University of Bristol braved the depths of the Chernobyl reactor, accompanied by a Boston Dynamics Dog Robot to better map and sniff out radioactive material at the site.

Robots are a substantial part of our present and our future. It is predicted that by 2050 between 40 and 50% of jobs will be automated (that is conducted by machines or ‘robots’). Understanding of how Robots will effect our future is vital knowledge to be passed to this generations children. It is guaranteed that their lives will be impacted or influenced by Robots in some sense or another.

Our partnership with the University of Bristol will be providing a session on the Future of Robots to the group. The children can expect stories from their Chernobyl endeavours, demonstrations and hands-on learning from robots and other technologies from their lab at Fenswood Farm.

A team from the Hot Robotics project funded by the University will be leading the session and are passionate about introducing their work to the future generations and get children excited about their Future with Robots.