The ethos of Friction Collective is that Story is Everything. They believe that the storyline is what keeps your audience captivated. This is what sparks their imagination and influences emotion. Storytelling and creativity in film is going to be such an important part in communicating and influencing change now and in the future. Thus, it is vital that this generation’s children maintain the vivid imagination and storytelling abilities that are so often lost as we approach adulthood.

I am so excited for Friction Collective to be joining us for one for our sessions on the Home Education Programme 2022. Their session storytelling through film will ignite a passion in the children to the world of videography and film production. The group will get chance to create, direct and produce their own short films in a beautiful location in the city.

The Stoke Lodge Centre is a beautiful listed building set in an amazing gardens and ground setting. These gardens coupled with the indoor space to learn the basics of editing makes it the perfect and inspiring place to introduce the group into the world of videography and film making.