Grow Wilder is a site owned and run by the Avon Wildlife Trust located in a little pocket of the suburb of Frenchay. Their mission at Grow Wilder is to bring about the urgent action for the restoration of wildlife by educating and empowering people and communities to bring about positive change through sustainable gardening and wildlife friendly food growing.

Learning where our food comes from and how to grow your own food in a sustainable way, is a hugely important subject to be educating our children on.

Our session at the site will introduce the children to permaculture and sustainable food growing. They will get hands on experience at the garden in growing and harvesting their own food. They will learn what Grow Wilder is doing in the wider community and why this is important not just the future of the city, but also for the country and the planet.

Urban community farms and gardens are the future of how our food will and should be grown. For the climate, the soils and the wildlife, this is the most sustainable and ultimately economic way of using the land and feeding the people.

Our session will explore all these topics and so much more.