We have been lucky enough to partner with St Werburgh’s City Farm for a session on Community farming and living sustainably.

St Werburgh’s, a gorgeous and unique borough of Bristol, is known for its vibrant and diverse community. Often attracting people who seek a slightly more alternative way of living, is filled with those who thrive for living in harmony with the environment and perhaps ‘sticking-it’ to the status quo.

Nestled in the heart of the suburb is the city farm, that inspires and educates people from all walks of life on the story of food, of nature and of connecting to the community.

Their site consists of a 2-acre small holding which houses farm yard animals and their unique café, a community garden and allotments and a conservation area named boiling wells.

Our session with the farm will introduce the children to the animal rearing and managing a small holding. They will be experiencing first hand what it takes to own and farm animals and be introduced to the life cycle of animals who live on a farm and where our food ‘really’ comes from. A big focus of this session will also be on how the farm fits into the wider community, and what it brings to its neighbouring residents and to the rest of the city.

Our session will continue into the Boiling Wells site and the children will learn how the farm is trying to be a sustainable project and its efforts to become carbon neutral. Conversations will be had as to how we can all do our bit of the planet and try and live in an environmental conscious and sustainable way.