“In every walk in nature, one receives far more than he seeks”

John Muir

Hi, I’m Milly and welcome to Life Rewilded. This is an outdoor loving, sustainable living, nature connected, rewilding lifestyle blog  (wow what a mouthful!). I will share with you ideas, activities and pockets of wisdom in the hope that together we can rewild ourselves, and others, to create a happier and brighter future.  

This is an exploration and education into how human rewilding could be the answer to a multitude of modern challenges society is currently facing. Issues such as climate change, environmental degradation and rising rates of depression and suicide could begin to be addressed through a process of societal rewilding. We as a society are losing that wild connection that makes us feel complete. However, reconnecting is one of the easiest and most rewarding changes you can make. Let’s do it together.

Why Rewilding?

Although a relatively new subject, there is a lot of buzz around this term – ‘rewilding’. In a general sense this term is defined as: the restoration of something back to its natural uncultivated state. It has become clear our ecosystems are in need of a rewilding movement. They have become damaged, depleted or extinct due to the strains put on them by humans, ultimately reducing the resources they need to thrive.

But, what if we look at this from a human standpoint? If we as a society are also detached from the ‘resources’ we need to thrive, the things that make us feel happy, content and fulfilled, we too will become damaged and feel depleted.

In our consumerist world, we as a society have forgotten what it is that makes us feel connected and content. No matter how hard we try, we cannot escape the barrage of advertising and marketing campaigns that are telling us how it is we can be happy, to ‘fill that hole that we feel’. These campaigns encourage us to keep working and pushing harder, to earn more money, to keep us buying and spending, that will ultimately lead us to our happiness? In fact, this is leading us further and further away from contentment.

It is a cheesy and over-used saying but albeit true and fitting, all we really need to do is disconnect to reconnect. Turn off the computer, leave the phone at home and get ourselves back out into the natural world; making, using, creating, growing, walking, listening, learning and simply being.

The fast paced, nature controlling lives we are all living has not only led to ecosystem destruction and environmental degradation, it has led to a process of de-wilding, taming and controlling ourselves too.This recent interest in rewilding indicates our need and yearning to live in a different way. Both society and the environment need this, to begin the regeneration, restoration and re-awakening.

Rewilding ourselves is a process of reconnecting to the natural world, providing us with the true resources we have been missing in order to re-ignite that feeling of wholeness and fulfillment.